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Clematis Summer Flowering

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Clematis Summer Flowering!

The different species and hybrids of clematis tend to have different flowering times and habits. In this round-up I want to look at clematis summer flowering.

These are the ones that will be beginning to catch your eye as you visit gardens and garden suppliers in early summer. They are among the best known and tend to be varieties of Clematis viticella.

They are probably the easiest to grow as they are happy in neutral soils, shade tolerant and resistant to clematis wilt, which can otherwise be a problem in moist atmospheres. Pruning is simple – trim back to about six to twelve inches above the ground in the winter or early spring. Cut just above a pair of buds. They can live for up to 25 years in the right spot, particularly if given a sprinkling of high phosphate fertilizer in the winter or early spring. Plant them with the root ball about three inches below the ground surface to encourage new shoots, mulch and keep moist, not sodden. See more details in our previous article “Clematis Splendor” and the following “New Clematis” and “Double Clematis”

clematis-etoile-violett-m003140_w_0C. ‘Etoile Violette’

One of the most free-flowering and hardy zones 4-8 in the south, maybe to 10 in the west. Scrambles through foliage to 8 to 12 feet.

Clematis Julia correvonC. viticella ‘Julia Correvon’

Similar habits to Etoile Violet; flowers 2 to 3 inches; climbs to 6 to 8 feet. Zones 4 to 9, to 10-12 feet high.

rubromarginataC. triternataa ‘Rubromarginata’

Like the viticellas, this is a slender-stemmed twining plant that blooms all summer with small flowers. It has in addition a wonderful sweet fragrance. Zones 4 – 11, and to 13 feet high.

Clematis-rehderianaC. rehderiana

A special rampant clematis that can grow to 25 feet and cover that wall! If that is your purpose you would do well to install a series of stout battens held about an inch out from the wall surface. The flowers are abundant through into the fall and very distinctively bell-shaped. USDA zones 6-9

clematis summer floweringC. rehderiana

The origin/credits of the photos are in the name links.

The featured image is of Clematis tangutica. It grows 15-20 feet tall and has characteristics similar to the other small-flowered clematis presented here. Zones 2 – 9




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