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Online Garden Furniture

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Online Garden Furniture.

Buying outdoor patio furniture online leaves you plenty of room to do some comparison shopping and matching for what you want for your patio. Just like buying outdoor garden furniture in a retail shop there are tactics you can use for your online purchases. Here are seven steps to check before buying online garden furniture. These are tactics that will help you make the right decisions when selecting the stores to purchase your patio furniture.

Tactic #1 Hiding the shipping charges:
Many retailers offer free shipping with any purchase you make on garden furniture; in other words, that cost is already included in the price. Others try to hide the fact that there is a shipping charge. Then others who claim no shipping charges just a small processing fee which can lead into a high cost. Watch out for any form of shipping charges.

Tactic #2 Using the word “discount”
The big word these days is “discount”; some websites use that word all through their advertisements to entice you to buy their products. When really, you are not receiving a discount by the time shipping and handling charges are added into the product and you could end up paying much more. When looking for garden furniture for your patio bewares of the word “discount.” Shop around find out if it really is a discount or just a lead word.

Tactic #3 Comparing to retail or list price
The website sells the same outdoor garden set for $100 more than their competitors do. It is their regular price, but they call it a sale! They show the inflated list price that is $100 more than the ‘sale’ price! Their price may not even include shipping! When you see a sale price next to a retail price, do some comparing before you buy. The old saying “Let the buyer beware”, also applies to buying on line. That beautiful piece of garden furniture on sale might in reality be too costly.

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Tactic #4 You get what you pay for
Many online retailers mark their products up high believing that you would not buy because the price is too cheap otherwise. This is a false belief as most get their products from the same manufacturers at the same price. Therefore, if you see a product at a much lower price consider buying.


Tactic #5 Claiming lowest prices
Many online retailers like to claim that they have the lowest prices for the same high quality merchandise that you receive from a high-end retailer. “No one” has the lowest prices…anyone who claims this is being dishonest. They are willing to beat the price of some competitor, but in the meantime, most of their prices are the same or higher than everyone else. It is not true that you have to “catch them” to get “the lowest price”!

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Tactic #6 Promising great customer service
Everyone in business will claim to give great customer service. We expect to receive service with respect and in a fast manner. Normally this is not a problem when you first buy a product; it is when you need to return it or ask for a refund. That is actually when you need to know how well you are treated. Check customer comments and reviews.

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Tactic #7 Trying to convince you that higher prices are fair
Since no one can actually have the lowest price, advertising the higher price is fair and is legitimate. The price might very well be reasonable if the shipping is included in the cost. Remember, the bottom line is not the price you paid, but the experience you got for the price you paid. Enjoy your online shopping for garden furniture.


Good luck with all your buys now that you know how to be aware of all the tricks when buying online garden furniture.

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